How to Use Kitty Live APp On PC and Android

A hotshot, Mai Davika joins Kitty Live and Mai goddess who drives various web superstars (net icons) welcomes you to go along with them !

Kitty Live, is a stage for broadcasting and observing live gushing recordings.

It is cool and in vogue, conveying you nearer to symbols or fans with HD video talk. using bigo live app Pretty young ladies and adorable young men, hot move and popular music, inclining subjects and amusement prattle all could be found on Kitty Live.

With Kitty Live you can:


Simply begin your telecom by tapping the camcorder catch on the home screen of Kitty Live.

You can communicate your life, your review, your execution and anything you need. You can be VJ, DJ, MC, vocalist, artist, performer and craftsman. You would feel like a genuine star with numerable online fans took after.


Others can join and watch your live stream quickly at whatever point and wherever they are.

They can leave remarks and send hearts to the telecaster on the off chance that they appreciate it. The more hearts they send, the higher the hearts vacillate on the screen. Here you will see the hotshots eye to eye, for example, Woody, Punpun, Gubgib and so on. Mayby the following one is you!


Perusing live streams made by clients around the globe permits you to discover somebody your identity keen on. Since there are many fascinating and skilled VJ on Kitty Live.


You can purchase presents for your most loved VJ. There are various types of virtual endowments including rose, feline, ring, blessed messenger, super auto, extravagance voyage and dream palace. You'll be appeared on the commitment list by sending endowments to the VJ.


Client level is a sign for Kitty Live client devotion. More elevated amount remains for higher status, and has more advantages. You can raise your level rapidly by sending virtual blessings to your most loved VJ.


Take after the VJ to get their next communicating. Associate straightforwardly to them.


Prepare to all the charming, entirely, amusing live for a heart beating enjoyable to let you communicate as you like.


Your live communicate could be effectively found with the assistance of utilizing labels.